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Air trigger

Star II

Seems like Air Trigger on my ROG Phone 7 having problem whenever I played Call Of Duty Warzone. Feels like the trigger suddenly becomes unresponsive, suddenly stop aiming in the middle of a gun fight or suddenly stop shooting, you have to press the trigger again to start shooting, which is going to be way too late already to knock down the enem(y/ies). But after playing for a while, like 10-15 minutes, the trigger becomes responsive again without any problem. Anyone have similar problem? Any way to fix this? I put my air trigger sensitivity to the highest hopefully it will fix this problem, but that doesn't change anything, it will only getting responsive without any problem after a while, like I said 10-15 minutes of playing, which is quite frustrating because you know you can get the kill point but you couldn't do anything when the aiming stop and the shooting suddenly stop.


Star III

It doesn’t work for me either, resetting it doesn’t help. 

Star I

I go through the exact same problem on PUBGM. Last season I had 22.2% accuracy or 21% for 8 seasons,  now it's 16. I mean the talents there it's just the device that's a big let down

Star III

Ich habe zwar ein Rog 6, aber seit kurzem das gleiche Problem. Auf einmal hört das Feuer auf und auch ein erneuter Klick funktioniert verzögert und ist sowieso meistens zu spät.

Ich habe auch schon die Tasten vertauscht um zu sehen, ob es nur die rechte ist, das gleiche passiert wieder, also ist es eher ein Software Problem.