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Aero Active Cooler 6 accessory firmware update bug

Star II

Every time I remove my aero Active cooler 6 on my rog 7 I keep seeing the update your accessory firmware prompt, it keeps interrupting me when I need to move around in wildrift but I have to stay afk because it keeps updating every single time I put it on. Please help




What happens after you update the device? Does this happen mid-game or even on a normal screen?


Which firmware are you on right now? You can find this by going to Settings -> System -> About phone -> Build number

Build Number: WW_330820.0810.208 (there was an update before I wrote this message but the issue still stayed the same)


This happens normally everytime I attach the aeroactive 6 to my rog 7 phone. It takes around 30-60 seconds every single time and if I remove it for a few seconds and reattach it does the update again

I have the same problem.

Star I

Same problem here. Rog 7 with Aerocooler 7. After the phone does a update the cooler has no function. Is there a function to reset the firmware on the cooler?