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ROG 6D and Netflix HDR

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After the NetFlix outage and its return, no one here complains about the quality?, all Chinese users have found that NetFlix has lost HDR, either you have very bad eyesight, I will be very surprised that only the Chinese version is impacted

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I tried to re-installed Netflix and the widevine level back to L1 again.
I guess it's Netflix who downgrade the video quality.

Community Legend I
I did not understand your answer, after reinstallation, you have L3 or L1

To clarify, here are the certification levels and the causes of loss of L2 or L1
Widevine L1 = 720p and +
Widevine L2 = 540p
Widevine L3 = 480p
unlocking the bootloader and gaining root permissions on an L1 phone will automatically upgrade to L3
A bad update of the manufacturer's firmware can break L1 and cause a return to L3
Widevine level of smartphone can be checked with DRM Info
I don't know how other streaming apps work but NetFlix seems to have its own database of L3 smartphones, there are regular reports of users who had Netflix on L1 and switch to L3 for no reason (DRM info always says L1)
There are L1 certified smartphones that have always had NetFlix in L3!

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Over here everything is fine with de quality, i don't know why in Chine the quality dropout

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Same issue on netflix and prime. Most time Not even hd XD


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Mine also. From Malaysia btw.

I have issue with the resolution/widevine. By default it is L1. But after a few times suddenly drop to L3. But then when uninstall and reinstall the app it will set by default. The problem happened all the time and it doesn't make sense tho. Why should I to always install and reinstall the app, all the time??

I had a live chat with Netflix team and they asked me to contact phone manufacturer. Please resolve this thing.