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Phone restarting when sim inserted

I recently bought the ROG Phone 6 Batman edition and the phone works fine until I put my sim into it.
When the sim is inserted, the phone comes up with 'factory data resetting' and then restarts. Then comes up with an error saying 'Can't load Android system. Your data may be corrupt, If you continue to get this message, you may need to perform a factory reset and erase all user data stored on this device.' I have the option to try again or factory data reset. I have reset it a few times and it seems ok. As long as the sim is in before I reset it the phone will work fine but if the phone restarts for some reason after it has been reset then the issue starts again and I have to reset the phone again. Does anyone know how to fix this issue?? any advice would be greatly appreciated

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I have the MediaTek version

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