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Hi, I would like the support team to speak to me. So far I have not received any system updates. My Android phone is version 12. I have a Rog Phone 6D. Please, I want to update it to 13. Please, how can that be? I tried manual update, but it didn't work. It says it has been updated to the latest version. Model name is ASUS_AI2203_C and it is not rooted. It is new


Accepted Solutions

I wrote the link to the update higher up 🙂
Just check which firmware version you are on and download the update that came after that one on the list in the link I sent you 🙂

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That's indeed some updates behind, could you please send me a PM with your Serial Number and your IMEI number? That way I can check with the team what's going on 🙂

Please help me, I am very sad and have not received any update😭😭


Had to edit your post as there was some important info there, but I got the numbers and will check with the team, will get back to you when I get more info 🙂

I thank you for helping me, but I hope it will be sooner and also when will you get the information. Thank you for helping me with my problems because some phones have Android version 13 and also soon 14 will be released and I only have 12 and I am sorry for the inconvenience 🙂