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Unstable frame rate in Honkai impact 3rd ?

Zen Master I
I have suspicions that honkai impact doesn't perform well in any of the rog phones
Here is the proof of the average performance on Rog 3, fluctuating FPS between 21-31,CPU and GPU usage are all below 50% or 40% most of the time unless I look at a wall or at the empty ocean
I'll use these pictures for reference because I'm wondering if it's a game limitation and if the so called, powerful Rog 6 can give stable 60 FPS or 90 fps even since it's so powerful and has way more resources to give than my rog 3

Zen Master I

This might actually be an issue related to the developer and optimization.

One of the common things to test is to uninstall the game and reinstalling it again, which often clears some of the leftover update files and could create some slowdown.

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I did some digging regarding the game,it's some sort of lottery for each device,graphics don't even matter
Others have 120fps,others have better performance than me,and for others the game in unplayable,whatever the case may be,it's up to the developer to optimise it,since I know the rog 3 is fully capable at handling the game at stable 60,at whatever graphics

Rising Star II
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