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steady charging still going fast

Zen Master I
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Firmware Version: 2208.165
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Steady charging on the phone seems to be not working. Using rog 3 charger on the phone.
it took me 30mins there to get from 15 to like 80% of battery.

does anyone have such an issue too?

Steady charging doesn't necessarily slow down the charging process. It is possible to go from 15% to 80% within 30 minutes even if the feature is enabled.
One thing to note is that the charging logo doesn't change even if you have enabled steady charging. However, if you believe that the steady charging feature isn't functioning properly, can you tell if you have enabled steady charging with any additional battery care settings? (scheduled charging or charging limit)
If you are not satisfied with the charging speed, have you tried the Ultra Steady mode?
Also, do you have a USB-C power meter that you can monitor voltage & current with?

Zen Master I
Hi @Mansi_ASUS , i turned on the ultra steady feature, which supposedly makes the power equivalent to a 10W charger. I've also enabled scheduled charging. However, it still charges quite quickly. The only way i made it slow charge is to change to a physical 10W charger only.
as for the cable, no i do not have one that comes with a reading.

Star III
Yep same here, I used ultra steady and scheduled charging, still went to 80% (limit set) within 30 minutes.

@Mansi_ASUS if it's not supposed to slow down charging, what does it do?

Star III
I just use my rog phone 2 charger and still have the steady charge option enabled on my rog phone 6.

Also, I cap at 80 percent. Heard it keeps the battery healthy