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ROG PHONE 6 Still restarts when opening Camera not yet fix!!

Star II

So i filed today a report to the online chat support of Asus and the agent didn't give me a solution to my problem. The camera still freezes and force to restart my phone for one (1) hour!!. Now I am afraid to open my camera because of this . Anyone have the same problem with me? My android version is Android 13.



Hi, it sounds like you are experiencing a hardware failure, please make sure to visit your closest ASUS Service Center for further testing.

There isn't an Asus Service Center in my region and I use my phone for my daily office routine why do I have to suffer from this inconvenience?

I see other Rog Phone 6 users who go to Asus Service Center and get a replacement for their defective hardware and still experience this camera restart loop! A total waste of their time and effort.

Star II

Yes, same problem here for months now. It's a known hardware bug that needs a board swap from what I'm reading. What I do before I use the camera is manually restart the phone. This usually results in a normal quick restart. Then I open the camera after it restarts.