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ROG Phone 6 or ROG Phone 6D

Star I

Hello Zentalk! 🙂

Sadly I need to buy a new phone. My Zenfone 6 is old, and having some display issues, so I decided to buy a ROG Phone 6. I need big display, great sound, high performance, and I definitely don't need a notch, or camera hole on the screen. 

But I'm in a dilemma: ROG Phone 6, or ROG Phone 6D?

The 6D is cheaper, but is it worthy? I mean I didn't know much about the MediaTek, and Mali compatibility, and I'm affraid it can cause problems in the future.
And the camera issues: is the MediaTek really that bad? Can it record 8K videos now?
Oooh, and the battery life: is the ROG Phone 6 really lasts longer?

Could You help me with this?



Zen Master II

I suggest 6D

Its better overall than 6 except at emulator performance