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ROG phone 6 heat issues

Star I

Hi I've been using rog phone 6 primarily for gaming (mobile legends) and I'm getting around 40-42 deg celsius when running the game on 120fps with the aerocooler on frozen mode. Does anyone else have the same issue? It heats up even when using non gaming apps like watching tiktok but not all the way at 40+ deg. The phone gets too hot to hold sometimes and other flagship phones seem to handle the specs better in terms of heat. My phone has the latest software and is freshly factory resetted and also rooted (heat problems were present before root so not the issue). Would very much like to solve this problem so I can push this device to the max. Thank you 🙂


Star I

This is same with me.. I'm from Mizoram,,inside India..a friend of mine bought it for me from USA..been using it for 4 months now..but,,lately I've been facing heating on the device.. I'm using 6D Ultimate..I don't really know the issue..maybe it needs some updating or some sort

Star II

Broo how your ROG 6 have 120fps while mine don't have?

I don't have that feature either.

Star I

same go to me, nowdays the phone very hot even just watching tik tok and the battery always not fully charged