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Rog Phone 6 camera not working and phone reseting.

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My Rog phone 6 suddenly has a camera problem (behind cameras only , front camera is working ) .Every time when I open the camera app after 2-3 seconds there is a ticking sound and after that the app freezes and the phone resets itself. Also since this problem appeared I also noticed an overheating problem.

Model name : Asus rog phone 6 /Firmware Version 32.2810.2206.95 / Not rooted.


Zen Master II

Your camera module is broken

I suggest you replace it at service center ASAP before its too late

Star I

Greetings, same camera issue here, rog phone 6.. anyone knows if ther will be an update or something? Or any news about this issue?



I am searching for days now and I am 90% sure that is a soft problem not actual hardware problem. Did not find anny solution yet or info about it just a lot of people who have the same issue. I hope Asus will do something about it soon.

The problem is not always occurring but when it does the pm8010j_tz is at 93 degree celsius and when the camera its working it is at 37 c . I don't know that it has anything to do with the camera but it's always like that.

I had exactly the same problem as yours, i sent my phone to service center. luckily it was still in time warranty and agree to give me another brand new one