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ROG Phone 6 camera issues

Star I

Hi my phone is ROG phone 6

I have an issue with the camera

Everytime I open camera app or open camera for scan barcode, it will freeze and automatically restart the phone

Sometimes it need more tham 3 times to restart


Any suggestion how to fix it? Maybe Asus can give software update please

I'm desperate


Same here. I was Upgrading from rog phone 3 to rog phone 6. After using it couple of month i feel rog 6 have many issues. 

1. Camera is flipping, camera is use by another app cannot scan QR for payment, camera zoom is switched 0.6x give you normal zoom instead on wide etc.

And other issue not related to camera like frame drop, sudden hissing on earphone etc.

I think after rog 3, asus quality is dropping. This will be my last rog phone seeing the issue encountered with rog 3 successor. Had friends with rog 5 dead for no reason. 

Star III

looks like a hardware issue. same thing happened to me and motherboard was replaced.