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Rog 6 white 256gb

Rising Star I
Guys simple question I ordered and received this phone Rog 6 white color phone but the back cover is black...I called up the store people and they said you get black cover only..this is weired because I remember seeing the white back cover with this phone


Community Legend I
I don't think ASUS* understands that users who buy a white smartphone also want white accessories.
* The others are the same, either the protective shell is black or transparent or there is not like at Apple. (but available in several colors on the official website).
So you must have been dreaming, search with Google ASUS ROG Phone 6 Unboxing (and 6 Pro)
Even the hull is black for the Aerocooler 6 which only exists in White

Rising Star I
You are right mate Asus should understand the expectations or stop doing false marketing

Zen Master I
The white casing is probably the kunai white casing that comes with the controller

Community Legend II

Hi abhip,

Noted the feedback, but this is true that ROG Phone Black or White both variant receives white color cover.