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Rog 6 issues

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Are the issues that most Rog phone series had before are still happening on Rog 6 ? Like motherboard dead issues on Rog 3 and 5, my last device was Rog 3 (12+256GB) which died just a day before my warranty and it was a very bad experience for me. So after a very long time i am planning to buy Rog again but this time with 8 gen 2, so any moderators can atleast give me a hint on like within which months we can expect Rog 7 with 8 gen 2 , so that i can wait and buy what's best available in India.

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Objectively speaking its to early to tell how the Rog7 will be, but given the last 2 rogs, chances are it either won't be made at all due to competition or it'll be another disaster.

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Are the issues that most Rog phone series had before are still happening on Rog 6 ?
It's too early to tell.
Dead motherboard issues usually happen after a few months of use. Thus far, the first batch of users in Taiwan has received the phones for almost 6 months and there haven't been that many reports of dead phones, so at least it seems to hold up better than ASUS' own S888 model disasters (ZF8 and ROG5) for now. All we can tell at this point is that the overall yield or assembly quality -- not talking about the fragile board design -- of ROG 6 is probably better than ROG 5 because a Foxconn subsidiary is in charge of assembling the phone this time, instead of the smaller Chinese ODM Enok which ASUS had long worked with for its ROG 2/3/5 series.
The biggest issue on ROG 6 is its speaker software. There are some quirky bugs with the audio wizard and the devs are still working on it 🤦‍♂️

which months we can expect Rog 7 with 8 gen 2 , so that i can wait and buy what's best available in India.
If you really are that interested, expect it to be announced maybe around the mid of the year. For it to be actually available and shipped, you'll have to wait for maybe another 2-3 months after the announcement.

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I find you very indulgent / optimistic
Because even if we can hope that asus finally manufactures a solid device, it has now been 2 years and several dozen firmware or it shows us their capabilities that we can do worse than what we thought was impossible.
It seems there is an initial Firmware (or Bug Non-Disclosure Agreement) for presentation and journalistic testing, and then each new firmware degrades the experience.
Audio is not the only important issue,
The WIFI 6E and HOTSPOT 6E, the cases indicating the impossibility of detecting a Wifi 6E access point or the reverse indicates a bug or a limitation of the usable channels, probably on the frequencies > 6425 to 7125 MHz which should be available in relation to the country where it is marketed.
Several years of promises and lies on VoLTE/VoWifi, without being mistaken ASUS is the manufacturer marketing devices released in 2021-2022 that has the largest number of incompatible operators.
BT and USB disconnection reports are legion
Using Dock USB-C Ethernet hdmi keyboard mouse is impossible
The Kunai 3 and the AeroCooler are at the limit of usability, the 2 sets don't even bother to think about it
The charging limitation of the long-awaited USB-C Aerocooler 6 is the biggest disappointment ever.
No respect for the user who will have invested a Kunai 3 for a ROG 3-5 by not marketing a shell to adapt the Kunai to the Rog 6
No consideration of user comments on the problematic recognition of fingerprints by adopting a more efficient sensor.
Systematic degradation of performance by abusive limitation of frequencies depending on the temperature, latest 6D, it is easier to modify the Governor than to correct the firmware of the aerocooler.
When it comes to material strength, as long as the design is identical with this weak point in the middle, all users putting ROGs in their trouser pockets will have problems in the medium/long term, it's physical and unavoidable.
So, no, it's not too early to tell.

Rising Star II

Well Funbike, don't get me wrong here. I'm not optimistic or indulgent about the ROG 6, and I agree with you that ROG 6 has many issues. "It's too early to tell" was ONLY meant to respond to the dead motherboard issue part of the original question. The dead motherboard has been the most fatal issue with ASUS for years, with the ROG 5 series being the worst of all and would make anyone wonder if there's any QA at production at all -- the waves of users reportedly having dead phones after merely 3 to 5 months of use after the release, and this is the time point that ROG 6 is at now. We would need to wait for a little more to observe if a huge wave of dead ROG 6 is coming, hence why the phrase "for now" was used. It'd be interesting to see whether ASUS breaking up with Enok and paying more to Foxconn to produce the phones would actually pay off.

Software- and firmware-wise, yes, the ROG 6 is definitely still filled with numerous bugs and issues here and there, and the audio is definitely just one example of those that many users have had poor experience and problems with. It's just amusing how they still haven't managed to fully resolve the audio wizard issue since last August, so I wanted to point that out specifically

Objectively speaking the ROG 6 is nowhere close to being a value-for-money phone; it's too darn expensive, and anyone would say it's overpriced. The initial pre-tax starting price of 1000 USD (or for whatever price it is set at whatever place you are at) for a phone that is sacrificing camera performance, durability, long-term software support and all other aspects and comes with several compromises is not really worth it.