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ROG 6 5G WIFI issue

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Hey so I've bought my ROG 6 phone yesterday from china and the first thing I did was download games and then I noticed that the DL speed is slow compared to my Poco F4 GT and my laptop which is also conntected to the same 5gHz WIFI. Then I ran a speed test and somehow the results are really confusing because  the download speed caps at 30Mbps but my upload is at 200Mbps and when I compare it to my other devices their download speeds are at 200-300mbps (which is what normal would look like) but on the ROG phone 6 somehow cannot go beyond 30Mbps but Upload speed can reach 200Mbps or higher. It works fine on the 2G band though, same speeds across all of my devices both download and upload. Also mobile networks both 4G and 5G work just fine. It's just the 5G WIFI that's been pulling my hairs. So the seller told me to reset, restart, and update my firmware but still none of it worked. So here I am looking for advice or any suggestion please help me.


I did thought. I even factory reset my phone still the same problem. 😭

@RGB_Orca Which firmware are you on? Also, does this happen on all routers you connect to? Or only one?

I tried connecting it to my neighbors router still the same results. He has max speed put his 5g band and I only get 30mbps at best


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 never had any issues w LTE or WiFi on my rog phone 5 or 6