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No Internet connection while using 5G network

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Model Name:Rog phone 6
Firmware Version:WW_32.281092209.197
Rooted or not:not
Frequency of Occurrence:since update
After update i notice that data internet become unstable and disconnecting when using 5G and it become more stable when disable 5G network,when on 5G will be more internet diconnetion occuring


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Nothing new, you have 5 posts for more than a dozen users on Chinese zentalk who are in your situation and for 50% of them the phone restarts, from the initial firmware to the latest this bug is still there. Don't worry, on the ROG5 you just have to activate/deactivate the airplane mode, Asus has taken a new step, the Rog5 bug may not seem to them to be penalizing enough.

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