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My Phone reach 38°C while playing really fast

Star III

My phone reach 38°c really fast while playing and the Battery It doesn't last long. I left the house at 8:30 with 94% and now it's 15:53 ​​and it's already at 64% and I've barely used it... Do you think there might be a defect?


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Its a very good device 🙂

Sometimes firmware is not without errors but its normal every company has this trouble sometimes

I believe it, but as I use it more for everyday life and play small games like Master Duel, sometimes it won't make up for it if it doesn't work out

And I really appreciate your help.

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In my eye you become defenitely a better Performance

If your phone has recently been updated then I would recommend you to do a factory reset as some updates might come in conflict with the system, but it all gets cleared up with a reset.

Are you still experiencing the same issue after resetting? @ColonicMoth