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FPS extremely dropped after update to androod 14

Star I

So I updated to android 14 and few of my games include emulator like psp, vita3k experience greatly fps drop. When game launched it only run like 10-15 fps, I truely comfirm is not the game problem because when I swipe out game genie option and change the refresh rate setting to auto, the game fps went back to normal. There is new system update few days ago, after update still didn't solve the problem.



Hi @xilver83 Which firmware version are you on? Is the emulator optimized to run on Android 14?

System firmware 34.0210.0210.260. Not sure is the emulator support android 14 but at last I didnt't experience any problem before upgrade to android 14, if only emulator problem then I can just give up by not support android 14 but the same problem happened to other official google play store games. I did seek support with the game official but all of them claim no problem with android 14. I suspect the game genie is the problem but after remove the games from game genie managed list the pronlem still exist.