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Camera Issues

Star I

My Camera Phone having issues and become inverted colors orientation is turning upsidedown and super laggy and can't even used it. It is under warranty but I called  your hotline for warranty and some of the centers have no technician and it seems all of them says they have no available technician they all resigned.


Star I

having the same issue right now. went down to their repair center once and got it fixed. they said they changed the motherboard. after couple of months it is happening again. have to waste my time going down again and wiping all my data on my phone. definitely annoying af.

Star I

Dam'n! Thats Terrible Man. All Service Centers here dont have availble technician. they can't even fix your phone. my phone still have warranty but i cant even use it due to no available technician. so disappointing. its hard to find asus service center near my area and need travel far as hell sh**.

Star III

i've faced this issue when in last update of Android 12, I don't know how I manage to fix this thing but here's what I've done.

1.) move whole DCIM folder and other photos to other device such as computer.

2.) reboot in recovery and fastboot several times.

after that, I wonder how was the camera fixed.

Star III

The Freakin same issue man! Camera clicks also then the fingerprint scanner is not working anymore.  I sent for repairs and it has been 3 weeks! I'm really disappointed with the phone.  I don't want to believe it is a common issue but it looks like it.