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Camera, Fingerprint issues

Star I

Hello I have some issues recently with the camera, and also to unlock my phone with my Fingerprint.

Asus RogPhone 6

Camera issues:

- Camera App is freezing, some colors doesnt show corectly, the camera screen fliping vertical and horizontal, even if I didn't touch the phone.

Also somethimes when I start the camera app the phone turns off

Fingerprint issues:

The phone renently doesnt really want to unlock my phone, it says "I'm moving my finger to fast" no matter how gently and slowly I'm doing it 2/10 working. 

I tried to delete the old one, and create a new Fingerprint, but i cant set up a new one due the same reasons.


Zen Master II

That's hardware issues

Rpeplacing your motherboard is the only solution

If those are hardware issues then the phone is terrible.


Hall of Fame I

If you have issues like that then dont do crappy workarounds like face unlock. The defects are happening due to crappy design. the camera issue is new on the rog6 and basicially replaced the rog5 wifi breaking, however the fingerprint is a direct result of asus being lazy and copy paste the rog5 design. Trying to workaround those issues is a bad idea because the phone will eventually degrade to a state where it wont turn on anymore. Get it fixes befoee unless u want to pay for repair instead if having free. warranty repair. 


Star III

Having the same issue now, sent for repair and they need to replace the motherboard! It has been 3 weeks. Very disappointed!!!!