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Bug that needs to be fixed asap.

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Rog Phone 6,

Phone detail included,

Latest firmware and everything,


Okay you see the function buttons  the back button home button and tap button?

The tap button stop working when spammed the only way to fix is to restart. That is an annoying bug. As you press the tap button twice to switch from the last used apps, now it buged and it wont even open the tap menu to switch between apps.

To asus, bugs are a common thing. Nothing is perfect, but the commitment to fixing those is what makes the brand a reputable and trust worthy one. Before support is dropped please fix as much as possible of these bugs and if possible keep fixing them even when support is dropped. At least to system related functions.



I'm happy with the phone and how it performs, but these bugs ruin the experience fixing those will make it worth the money spent.


Accepted Solutions

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Make a update to Android 13

Best regards

Sure did, nothing changed.

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Note, when pressed twice real quick for the quick access menu instead of it switch app it just opens the menu and then get back to the same app instead of the last application that was used.

This feature is meant to make things easier more convenient and faster.

It should support lightning speed double clicking.

It shouldn't force me to wait for a while before i press it the second time.

My solution: The first click should be instant. The second click within a time frame will activate the delay feature, where it will reject input for a certain amount of time "the quick access button only" this way when the button is spammed, it will reject repeated tapping and only register the first two tap until the action is completed and then it will function new input.

This way the system will not be flooded and it will be more responsive and stable. 

But whatever the developers see best, they shall do. As long as the problem is solved it doesn't matter what kind of method is used.



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Its 4AM here is don't attack my grammar mistakes 😂