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Breathing or Strobing Dare to Play Notification

Star II
On my ROG Phone 6 Pro, trying to replicate the breathing or strobing of lighting in the back of the phone for notifications, like my old ROG Phone 2. However, no such option.
Then yesterday, I get a notification in the notification draw about "music". I click on it and it takes me to a screen as per the attached picture (I took a screenshot when it happened). It gave the option to start changing the Atmosphere lighting ("Dare to Play" logo) to Breathing, Strobing etc. At last, I thought.... And it worked when changed the settings while I was in that menu screen. Once I came out of that menu screen and returned to Atmosphere lighting, those options had gone and everything was set to Static, with no way to get Breathing or Strobing again. Very strange that this option appeared last night then seemingly disappeared!
Any ideas on how you can get the Dare to Play logo to change from Static to Breathing or Strobing as a notification would be appreciated.


Star II
PS: this is how that menu screen normally looks on my phone (everything set to Static and when going into each option, it is not possible to change from Static to anything else (like Breathing etc.)....

Rising Star II
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