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[Bootloader] Wake me up when september ends

Rising Star I

Asus said they will release the new bootloader unlocker app sometime in Q3 of this year and here the september has started but we still didn't get the exact confirmation date.

Someone please wake me up when Asus gets it done 🥴🥴🥴


Star III
what will this bootloader help you with? 

You have no clue what a bootloader does, do you?

He's not interested in the bootloader per say, he just wants to unlock it as every other sensible person out there. Asus did Asus and took this possibility from every ROG and Zenphone, there is no way how to unlock bootloaders on these devices now and they keep gaslighting us with this "Q3 release for sure" fantasy which is really baffling to see from someone like Asus.

I fully expect them not to deliver as "promised" or make some BS reason why they choose not to. Just avoid this "company" as a plague until further notice.

Rising Star I

answer us, asus?

Do you still waiting ? 😄