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Bootloader unlocker

Star II

Sooo we are in Q4 now for a few weeks and there is still no unlock possible. Could we please get a response?


Unlocking bootloader wont be available anymore. It is confirmed by Asus headquarter. 

Mind telling us your source? I'm tired of the back and forth.

Employee of Asus Czech Republic asked in headquarter - they are not developing new version of unlock tool. 

Star I

WOW thanks for letting me know that but it's really super bad news to me.
I'll have to prepare for throwing away it...

Star II

Me too.  I have bought Asus zenfone 6 for a quite a large amount of money, because Asus was posting that new version of unlock tool will be available after Q3, several users around the world got the same reply by Asus customer support. They lied to us. Problem is my phone is out of official warranty, so Asus does not care. I need to stop believing big companies, they do not care about customers, they just want to sell nev version of their garbage.