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Bluetooth codec issue

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1. Model name: Rog phone 6

2. Firmware version: 32.2810.2212.241-0

3. Rooted or not: NO

4. Frequency or Occurrence: -

5. App name: Campfire audio 

Based on 

Rog phone 6 support aptx, aptx HD and aptx adaptive. 

Campfire audio recently came out a new wireless earbud called Orbit. The Bluetooth codec is AAC,SBC n aptx adaptive. 

I've just bought a Campfire audio orbit to pair into rog phone 6. Unfortunately the Bluetooth codec only show aptx. Without adaptive. No matter how many times I connect n disconnect, it's only show aptx alone. 

How to solve this?




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I have no idea,

Last option Factory Reset


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Community Manager
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