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تحديث نضام

مت يصل تحديث اندرويد 14وما هي أهم ميزاته 


لقد لفت إنتباهي أنا هناك تطبيقات غير موجودة في هاتف rog phone 6 pro من هذه تطبيقاتتطبيق مشغل موسيقىتطبيق مذكرةتطبيق او بأحرا متجر خاص بهواتف rog phone 

ROG 6 Asus launcher screen touch issue

Model Name: ROG 6 US verFirmware Version: ww_33.0610.2810.177Rooted or not: noFrequency of Occurrence: constantAPP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): Asus launcher this just happened to my son’s phone. It’s only 2 months old. When...

Twgg by Star I
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my phone doesn't use 5G although it shows that it does

My phone show that it using 5G but it's actually not, I get less then 30 mbps in speedtest. I sure that the sim it's ok, and I'm also checked that sim in another phone and its worked greatful, i get more then 100 mbps in that phone.

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Qvargi by Star I
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Resolved! Messenger chat bubbles

 Can anyone help me fix this error? The device I'm using is rog 6 When I turn the screen sideways and click on the Messenger chat bubble, it doesn't appear fully


Android 13 to Android 12 Downgrade

Does anyone know if there is a way to downgrade to Android 12 from 13 with or without root/bootloader? would appreciate any information on this!


#znika mi historia połączeń 

Rog phone 6 overheats faster after only little over a week

So I got my rog phone 6 on the 23rd of last month and I can notice that it overheats way faster than when I first got it,The phone heats up to 33 deg c now just when browsing! This is insane I just bought the cooler but if it overheats this crazy eve...