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Battery Optimization system

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Anyone has a problem like me? in this battery Optimization setting, whenever i set my game to 'Don't Optimize', it will auto change it to 'Optimize' automatically after some time.... that's the problem, when it changes to 'Optimize' my games will lag... any way to fix it or to make 'Don't Optimize' as permanent?




From what I recall this setting is for information recieved when the app is in standby or background and does so that it is not constantly connected online and does not affect the performance in-game.

thats what i think too before, but when i tested in game... like when i play Genshin Impact and it suddenly stuck or lag, then i know 'Don't Optimize' has changed to 'Optimize' and yaa thats what happened... i know its suppose to not be relate to game performance(like u say its for background/standby connection).... but i can't stop thinking that it is a reason why my game got stuck/lag, because if the setting not changing, it never ever lag...but if it changes confirm lag...  so, is there any way for me to fix this lag( that not relate to this setting if have) or is there any way for me to make 'Don't Optimize' setting become permanent (don't care if it not relate,still want to)... i play with cooler attached always(frozen)

Don't say set your game setting to lower resolutions... because it never stuck or lag if that setting not changing

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