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Asusu feedback

Star III

ASUS : Do you ever plan to help people or offer them support? You don't even comment on most of the posts, if you know that the A14 is a problem for many people, why don't you offer them the possibility to switch to the A13 in the same way as it was possible from the A13 to the A12. Furthermore, if you know that there is a problem in the A14, why don't you solve it immediately and you have to wait 1-3 months for the repair to be repaired, that way the customers will always get angry. I like Asus but your support is terrible can something be done about it. I would hate to switch to the only possible alternative Red magic



Hi, the teams are working and releasing updates to adress issues, which issue are you experiencing?

My main problem is that compared to the A13 on the A14, the phone heats up more and the FPS in games are unstable. Tested X mode and advanced settings. now the X mode cannot be used and only the advanced LVL3 settings, but even so it is not the same - the option in the Smart data switch settings also disappeared. So that I could still use data when calling the second SIM card. In the A13 it was possible (but the most important

(And I'm sorry it's your SW.  support in such a bad state and everything takes you a long time and that doesn't make you a very good advertisement, and on top of that your phones only have 2 years of major updates.) 


Star II

Will The ZenUI keyboard ever be supported by A14? Because it is horrible without it. Can we have an update on the keyboard as well?