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ASUS Rog Phone 6 (Advanced Settings) - help please!

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I hope I'm not asking too much, but I'd like to ask anyone who really knows about the ROG Phone 6 in terms of gaming tuning and all the technical settings to please explain to me what each option means.

If possible as detailed as possible.

(See screens)



My Discord: DerAußenseiter#8873


I need It ti for call of duty mobile i want the max performance in play on 120 fos low grapics

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I can walk you through some important ones that you'll want to know discord i_scOpes_i#4621

Added. My Discord: Kerax#9056

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Each scaling governor is a power plan can turn certain power plans on or off policy O is max power, higher number the more conservative power plan is Clamp min max is how much memory/system resource is allocated to the currently displaying app


CPU min/max freq is low and high limit for processor clusters


Power level is how much power any given app is allowed to use Sched migrate is referring to CPU resource allocation

Hope that helps, scheduling also is how the CPU knows what processes take priority over others

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Hi, I play Critical Strike and i wanted to understand advanced settings so i can apply them accordingly for my gaming profile. Is there a thread which explains what each options under advance settings do and what value would be suitable for fps game?