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Asus Rog 6 BootLoop

Star I

Been getting the boot loop issue for a few weeks now..
the boot loop happens when I have my mobile data turned on - with AT&T btw. 

can work around by putting phone on airplane mode and taking sim card out to use Wi-Fi. 

I did see there was a fix for the rog 8 as well as Zenfone 9, but can someone tell me if there will be a fix the the rog 6 ?


Star I

Same issue for me as well. Got the Diablo edition a year ago. Updated to Android 14 the middle of march and a few days later it started bootlooping. Contacted support and they setup an RMA for me. Sent the phone in and they get it a few days later. They started and finished the repair seemingly within an hour of opening the package and send it back. Get the phone back today with the notes saying "unable to replicate issue". Really? I detailed what the issue was and the steps to replicate it. Now they suggest that i factory reset the phone. To be honest, im bummed. Wish me luck if the reset fixes the issue when i get to it tomorrow.

Star II

Same here.  I have the Diablo ROG6, this problem started about a week and a half back, and still no fix or even a post from ASUS saying the fix is coming to this phone, just "the team is aware" and then 7/8 get a fix and my phone does not.