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Asus Rog 6 BootLoop

Star I

Been getting the boot loop issue for a few weeks now..
the boot loop happens when I have my mobile data turned on - with AT&T btw. 

can work around by putting phone on airplane mode and taking sim card out to use Wi-Fi. 

I did see there was a fix for the rog 8 as well as Zenfone 9, but can someone tell me if there will be a fix the the rog 6 ?


Star III

I reported this over a week ago and still have not gotten a fix, Asus Rog 6 pro

Star II

I've been having the bootloop issue since Mar 24.  Bootloop stops when the SIM tray is ejected.  The only way to use the phone for voice calls is to turn off Wifi and Data.  Its very inconvenient to always have to eject the SIM to use Wifi.

I hope the fix for the ROG 6 comes soon.

Asus ROG Phone 6
Android 14  - WW_34_0210.0210.241
ATT network

So far 6 is the only one to not get the fix it seems.

Star I

I am having the same problem! Removing sim card stops the reboots, but as soon as I put it back in, it starts rebooting