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Android 14 update bugs out the privacy indicator

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After updating to Android 14, i noticed there are some apps that got messed up (probably due to Android 14 itself being a mess in the first place). But i noticed when i try to open my Camera app or Sound recording app, the privacy indicator doesn't show up or don't overlay on the app. Normally it would overlay the big green indicator with either camera or microphone icon on the left for a short while and slowly fade out/retract and a small green dot on the top right side of the phone would stay put until the apps that use camera is closed. Is this an Android 14 issue or a firmware sided issue?


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Unfortunately, there is a problem with the firmware. The hardware of the device is due to a manufacturing defect

Luckily it doesnt't have anything to do with my camera since i haven't experienced the camera app forcing my phone to reboot YET in A14 unlike the last A13 update which i immediately got rebooted long as i open them, but only after a few days then i could normally use it as nothing happened (doesn't put me into a bootloop either). I could still open the app and abuse to my liking but my only problem is the privacy indicator does not overlay when opening any camera apps (it do show that there is an app that uses it, but it doesn't overlay ON the app like it used to), despite i already enabled it. I suppose it is a software problem from ASUS' side or Android's side since Android 14 is quite kinda a bug mess even in other phones. But im asking them to check it out and pull out an update ASAP since this is quite a software breaking bug and could potentially threaten my privacy since i cannot know whether an app is using it in real time unless i have to swipe down to look it up in the fast navigation bar.

I have version 13 and the camera is not working. Previously, the camera was working on version 12, and after updating to version 13 it did not work. It turned out to be a manufacturing defect in the phone itself, which is a piece of hardware.I have version 13 and the camera is not working. In the previous version 12, the camera was working, and after updating to 13 it did not work. It turned out to be a manufacturing defect in the phone itself, which is a piece of hardware. When I open the camera, now there is only a black screen, as in the picture


Nononono until now i have NO problem with hardware YET and that isn't my concern in this thread. What I'm asking is that if they can look out and fix a bug that doesn't show a tiny green dot on a upper right corner of the screen well as a big green indicator with an icon when there are any apps that use the camera. It should look like this (i drew a green dot to give people a better understanding)