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Air trigger problem after update to 34.0210.210.260

Star III

The Air Triggers are still not working properly after the update to 34.0210.210.260 Android 14 and there is no information posted that the problem is known and is being worked on.


Star I

Yes, indeed. I also noticed this. When i open any game in which i have air triggers enabled, a weird thing happens. When i press and hold the air trigger button and move my finger left and right the air trigger enable and disable as my finger moves... In order to fix this i must open the game genie while being in the game and simply go to the air triggers setting, change the functionality from any of right or left triggers from "press" to anything else and then again back to "press". Then the problem is fixed. But when i leave the game and go to another tab and back to game again, the problem appears... It's irritating. I have cleared the saved data from Armoury Crate, Air Triggers and Game Genie. Nothing changed. I guess it's a problem caused from the last update as this post mention. If there is any way to fix it i would like to know it. Otherwise we should wait for the next update and hope Asus team will fix it. Have any of you reported this to Asus? 

Yes, I have also reported this to Asus, you should do the same. If lots of people get in touch, maybe Asus in Thaiwan will finally take care of it.

Hello everyone!
The issue is being investigated by the dev team.

Bro how long does is take if I may ask we have been struggling for weeks now and we don't get any reply about this issue