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After the Android 13 update, I am able to receive MMS but unable to download them

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Model Name: Rog Phone 6 (global)
Firmware Version: WW_33.0610.2810.81 
Rooted or not: NO
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): Message (google)

Android 13
Build WW_33.0610.2810.81 
BaseBand M2.13.33.32-Dallas_000370
BuildCode TKQ1.220807.001.WW_Phone-33.0610.2810.81-0 release-keys


Welcome to the Android 13 update! I thought I had successfully completed the update, but I am experiencing an unexpected issue.

When I receive MMS, a notification appears and I can see the title, but I am unable to download the content.

Even when I try to download the MMS immediately after receiving it, it still won't download. However, what's funny is that if I make a call somewhere while in this state, the MMS will be downloaded properly during the call connection.

I contacted the customer service center of my mobile carrier (APN) and reported this issue. They asked me to test whether the same symptom occurs on other smartphones. As expected, there was no such problem on other smartphones. They speculated that the problem was with my device, based on the fact that the MMS is received normally up to the title and that other smartphones can receive MMS properly.

There was no such issue in Android 12 before the update, and even after swapping the SIM slot, the issue still persists. I am writing this post because I believe this is a bug in this update. HyperFusion is turned off, and there are no replies recorded in other forum posts that seem to have the same symptom as me. )


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Very unstable version don't update.

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I will leave a record because this issue has ultimately been resolved.

The issue was resolved by turning on the international roaming option again during the process of resolving it. Initially, the problem was not resolved even after resetting the APN and rebooting, but after turning on the roaming switch that was turned off in the options and rebooting, all the contents of MMS started to be downloaded.

After this was resolved, a minor issue occurred. When moving from a high-rise building with Wi-Fi (about 20 floors high) to the first floor via an elevator (an area with communication noise), mobile data was not automatically caught. Since communication from the base station was being received, the issue is simply resolved by making a call from anywhere.

Compared to the previous MMS download issue, which required making a call every time, this problem is considered minor, so it is not a big problem. However, I will record this symptom for now

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