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Aeroactive cooler not working with New State Mobile.

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The Bluetooth is off, but the screen says unable to use the currently paired Bluetooth device.
This is the Asus Rog 6, with an aeroactive cooler attachment.
This message used to pop up, if I connected it during the game.
It used to work fine if I connected it before starting the game.
Now, it will work for a little bit, but then this message pops up.
There is no Bluetooth in the attachment.
Please, help.

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Is it the ASUS AEROCOOLER 6 fan for ROG Phone 6 or a third-party fan?
You use another accessory, for example like the KUNAI 3
Which devices are connected in the bluetooth setting screen?

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It is an official aeroactive cooler.
No, other accessories, but someone on Reddit said, that they had the same message with a headphones plug attachment or something.
No, Bluetooth connections.
Asus contacted me and said, the only suggestion that they had, was to disable the auto-fan setting, and select low, medium, or high.

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