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Wifi, hotspot not working even sometimes shutdown, phone heating and battery draining issue

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Model Name: ROG PHONE 5
Firmware Version: 31.0810.1226.77
Frequency of Occurrence: always
This is not the first time asus did this to me. My last phone died after 1 year because mother board crashed and fixing was costing me a lot n now again this. Anyways this is my last asus product which I'll buy and I want my phone to be fixed or will be taking some legal help this time.

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Yes I did it two times but nothing happened. Now at service center they have ordered some part which due to scarcity is not confirmed when it will arrive. What to say.

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They said 15 days to repair your phone, where are you located.? I guess the situation might be same in my locality as well

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i am from Shimla HP but i have given it in Chandigarh as Shimla people also send it to Chandigarh (what they said) which would have resulted in more time.

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Hi Anuj,
Please share your details in PM.

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