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Where to buy Rog Phone 5 and do any of the old gear work on it

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to be honest i don't care about he bigger brands and ive been on an handy down iphone 4g then a 6plus for since the iphone 8 came out so, i've chosen i'll get the phone 5 ultimate because its ram and screen are personally what i want the price isn't my concern its my treat to myself. tbh fk the other phones on the market they don't look as clean and i made a good choice by the data and reviews and i do plan to go back and buy the rog compatible add ons if they still work on the new one.
I just need help to find out where to buy it. I've spent the time since it launched looking for places to preorder or buy it from. I've had scammers and death threats and idiots saying yea this rog 3 is it.
I just want to know where i should look to get it when it shows up at this point im tired of people opinions. its been one day certain things will be patchs and if not so what its a banger of a device.

So again i ask where to buy it
or where to preorder or where does it normally show up?