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Upcoming Android 12 Firmware (.77)

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Asus starts rolling out an update for the Rog Phone 5 and 5S to Android 12
Here's the detail, it looks lean as a correction
I advise you to turn off your phone and turn it back on before updating when you get the notification (count between 5 and 10 days I think)
Not yet downloadable for a manual update, only available the source code

【version number】
【Applicable models】
ROG Phone 5 (ZS673KS)
ROG Phone 5s (ZS676KS)

【release date】
(It will take about a week for the system to complete the automatic push. If the push update is not received, please go to [Settings]-->[About]-->[System Update] to manually update)

【System Optimization】
Android Security Updates
Optimize system stability
Fixed the legacy issue of fingerprint unlocking light spot
Optimized the behavior of switching sound channels using VOIP CALL Bluetooth

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He he.. I really liked the phone. 😞


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Maybe u can try rog phone 6 later instead 😅

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Now i make 80k point less whit Xmode
This is not improvement it get worst .....
Before this upgrade i get

...... I dont have what else to say just repair this mess

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No the frame drop is not optimized whit every update something is f**ked i get crazy today all my profiles are destroyed they dont work yesterday whit my gaming profile i get stable 60 fps on battle royal at cod mobile today


!!!!! I start after this the Xmode and what to expect i dont get stable fps i got drops to 49-52 fps !!!! Whit every update something is messed i wont to broke this phone i get very angry this is not normal every time there is something messed and now i must wait week agait for fix the problem !!!

When i get android 12 i try 2 days to optimize the games profiles for stable temperature and fps and today i must do this again .....

Also this game tunnig is not working normaly this must be repair


I have friend whit rog phone 5S an he noticed that the phone dont get stable fps

I play from rog phone 5 !!!

This must be repair thats is not normal whit every update to have problems i am so disappointed this is not my first comment and i have 1 post i dont know what else to say .....

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Alcatraz and blackout is unplayable in Max graphics settings. Even multiplayer ranked is lagging when everyone spams persistence

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Alcatraz and blackout is unplayable in Max graphics settings. Even multiplayer ranked is lagging when everyone spams persistence

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Bro look this throttle test for 2 minutes how bad is the result .... I start the test at cold phone 34C also you will see the cpu frequency didnt work on full speed even when the phone is cold !!!
In the end of the 2 minute test the temperature was 41C this is nothing but the results and cpu frequency are very very bad
Also you will see that i use max settings and Xmode is on .....

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Also how can i play cod mobile whit 30 fps and 50 degrees !!!! Before the update everything was normal i play the game whit Xmode on and i uplode video of the problem