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Trigger not working

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My Rog 5 trigger not working fro last week please help me 


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It's been a long time since no one answered your question but if you search online you will find the answer. The purpose of joining the community is to share Asus phone problems and solutions with each other.

I'm answering this so someone in the future can ask this question and get an answer. Here are some steps you can try to troubleshoot the issue:

  1. Restart your phone: Sometimes, a simple restart can fix issues with your phone's hardware.

  2. Check if the trigger is properly connected: Make sure the trigger is firmly connected to your phone and that there is no dust or debris in the port.

  3. Test the trigger on another device: If possible, try the trigger on another device to see if it works. If it doesn't, then the trigger may be faulty and you should contact Asus customer support for further assistance.

  4. Check for software updates: Check if there are any software updates available for your phone, as they can sometimes fix hardware issues.

  5. Factory reset your phone: If none of the above steps work, you can try performing a factory reset on your phone. However, make sure to back up all your important data before doing so, as this will erase all data on your phone.

If none of the above steps work, then you should contact Asus customer support for further assistance.

With respect,

Most of what you said is poor advice unfortunately. Most of us suffering from the same issue have tried all this... Except for "trying triggers on another device". I found that a bit silly as the air triggers on a ROG phone are integrated into the device itself. And if you mean using another ROG phone to test. one cannot easily purchase another device in order to test the air triggers. If you observe the posts from other people, they are having the same difficulty. Most of which has been since the latest android 13 update.

Eyy man i want to answer you same problem happened to me last month i sended my phone to asus ill receive it tomorrow ill notify you if this **bleep**ty rog phone will be fixed no one can answer us here good enough

Ill answer you man since asus cant give us a good answer for their faulty update... since you updated your phone there is a bug on the their update for this phones... and the other function of the phone will not function as well such as you mentioned air trigger... followed by vibration... it cant read any simcard at all and finger sensor will be greyed out as well... i prefer you send it back to them and use your warranty but just to inform you that once you send it to them they will charge you for checking the phone without doing nothing