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Time to Move On from ROG Phones.

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ASUS ROG PHONE inferior quality experiences:-

ROG Phone 2 (2020-2021): Paid Rs. 38000/-

- The burn-in Screen Replacement was denied due to the dent on the body(to date failed to share the policy) after the escalation it was replaced.

- The Motherboard replacement took more than 6 months to arrange the spare part.


ROG Phone 5 (2021-2022): Paid Rs. 50000/-

- The wifi stopped working after the OS 12 update.


ROG Phone 5s (2022-2023): Paid Rs. 58000/- [M9AIGF00A328*** (RMA No. ING2R60***)]

- The wifi stopped working after the OS 13 update.



Hi @manasjain007 ,

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
We have sent you messege, please kindly check the PM box at the top right corner.

Also, due to the personal privacy of the product serial number and repair order number, we will mask the last three number for you.

Thank you.

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Agreed. ASUS seems taking all this problems that we as a customer stated so lightly. No quality in their products. Too much hype but the phone can't even work as a normal phone. In the end we are in the losing side as a customer. They don't even dare to do 1 in 1 exchange or return our money back if they can't find the solutions to our problems. The only thing they can said is, "please send the phone to the nearest ASUS Center for so we can look into your problems". But ASUS can't solve it in the end and we the one who paid "Premiun Price" for "Premium Gaming Phone" just left with regrets and disappointment in buying ASUS products.

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Community Manager
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