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The Worst service by Asus

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I got my Rog 5 two months back. Two weeks ago after the latest update my wifi option stopped working. Then triggers too. I took the phone to service center for checkup. After 3 days with no information from the center, i called them to ask about it. They told me that there is a problem with the motherboard and it needs replacement. In just two months without any damage the motherboard got corrupted.
Further when i called customer care, they told me that it would take time and the part is shipped and all. Talked to them about replacement but was told only 7 day replacement is offered on the device.
With more than 10+ calls to customer care and to the service center. I was told to wait for 25 days for the motherboard to be delivered.
25 days to get my new phone repaired. wow.
With now more than 10more calls to the customer service and being told a week ago that higher ups would call and getting no call from them.
I called customer care again and i got to know that it was just 25 days to get the motherboard delivered. Its gonna take a week more for the phone to be repaired.
First phone from asus. A total waste of 50k and time too. The worst service from any phone company as of yet.
Big suggestion- Dont waste money on this. Buy some other phone

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I guess it's just luck. I am very pleased. Thank God

Rog phone 5 16/256

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Lucky You......😁😁

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I m facing trigger issue after last month update. Only 3 month use phone and admin said that its a hardware issue. But i m not going to repair my device. Asus service centre takes 1 to 2 months to repair and i used my phone very carefully no single scratch in my mobile. Rog 5 is my 3 rd asus phone. My 1st asus phone was asus zenfone 2 laser .it used this phone almost 4 years. Because of this mobile i braught asus 5z and then rog 5.
Now i am thinking i brought asus phone because its hardware quality is superb . But rog 5 hardware quality is very cheap quality. I read every discussion in asus forum.

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One of the best lesson teaching us to view their forum before we decide to buy another device in future...

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Will you be buying anything from them again... Hahaha... Lol.
Good luck....

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Will you be buying anything from them again... Hahaha... Lol.

Good luck....

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I would like to give them a chance n I'll buy again if I see a change in the way Asus deal with our issue responsively n responsibly (not avoiding issue by hiding n no reply);
But I don't hv high expectations anymore after few issues posted (to avoid from hopeful become hopeless).
As I mentioned in another thread this phone hardware is premium (for me) but its software is the most unstable one I hv ever experienced. Asus should get all the software issue solved before launching n not burden after sales support team.
Guess I'll keep this phone as a mp3 player if I'm afford for another brand in near future..

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Update 2.0:
1 Month after giving it for repairs. The executives at the service center told me that the parts couldn't be delivered in a whole month. So they have decided to swap the device.
1 week gone by again. and still no device for me. Been told more than 4 times by all different customer care executives that a higher authority would contact and help.
Still waiting for it.
If anyone wants to buy a premium phone, good quality and service. Go for any other brand than ASUS.
ASUS has the worst service. The worst by any company.