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Stable 👀 ??

Rising Star II
Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:
Model Name: ROG 5


Rising Star II

Can u please send the apk for Rog phone 5

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Don't ask bro, you'll lose your data.
I forgot to add Warning message. So I'm adding it right now. Fortunately I had my data backed up in a Usb drive on 30th March.

Warning: Please don't use this or any third-party apk to unlock 90 hz refresh rate. Your phone may stuck in bootloop and you'll be left with only option to wipe data/ factory reset via recovery mode. Atleast Android 12 users mustn't try this.
Asus has put some restrictions I guess.

Rising Star II
Mini heads-up notification is now not working for telegram, WhatsApp...😥 Also not showing icon in status bar and content in notification bar (pulldown)
Only notification sound and blink light working. A notification dot (unread badge) will appear on the app icon, then only you'll get to know that message came to this app.
Heads up notification and status bar icon appears for Message app.

Rising Star II
Journey to Android 12 has been disaster for me, 3rd reset with in 3 days 😀...
Notification issue is solved now for WhatsApp & Telegram.
But LED notification light is not working for MESSAGES app, only works after i uninstall this app to its factory version.
@Gustav_ASUS @ARP_ASUS it seems ASUS can't fix Android 12' bugs so kindly confirm if you gonna release security patches for Android 11 OS in future then trust me I'll switch back to A11 right now.

Rising Star II
And Can you explain This Blink Light button?
After enabling as soon as you press back it will be disabled again. It always remains disabled whenever you go back to check.

Rising Star II
Bug report
1: Icons for missed calls & Recieved calls is missing. ☝️ (Only disconnected and dialed call icons are shown)
2: In Call history only these two Options are available. Like missed calls, Can't see Recieved & dialed calls separately.