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SMMI test for SIM signal

Rising Star II
Hi all, would like you to help perform this, seems like this SMMI test tool issue or my phone issue?
First, my SIM1 and SIM2 can be used without any problem, voice and data also working fine on both
However, when i do the test in SMMI test - SIM Signal.
When I switch the active SIM to SIM1, the test show SIM1 is connected, but when I switch the active SIM to SIM2, the test show SIM2 is disconnected, tho it can show carrier and signal properly
I've perform the same test with same SIM cards on ROG Phone 2, the test there can show it's connected on SIM2 when I switch the active SIM to SIM2
Can some try the same? is it the test tool issue?


Rising Star II
to test with SMMI
Calculator, type .12345+=