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ROG Phone 5s stuck on Android 12

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For months, System Update has been saying "Your system is up-to-date" while my ROG Phone 5s is still on Android 12 (WW_31.0810.1226.154).  I am not using a custom firmware or doing anything unusual, as far as I know.

Based on another post, I tried booting to recovery mode to wipe my cache partition, but recovery mode has no such option.  It also sounds like Asus has stopped providing firmware files for download to update manually.

What are my options?


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Hey, I have the same problem with my rog phone 5 and basically you cant do anything :/. Try to contact asus about or something but I kinda lost the hope. Good luck tho!

You can visit the local asus service centre and ask them to update your phone as they do keep the update files but as we all know rog phone updates tend to brick phones so no guarantee the phone will work after updating it. i learnt something about the phone that before even downloading the update phone switch off your phone for few minutes and then update it and it wont brick your rog phone 5, i'll always do this with all my rog phone 5. I had no major issue after updating. I even sugguest this trick to Asus Mod team and give advisory to consumers but got no attention from them... good luck if get it updated from service centre or you can guide them the trick i just told .

I would, but there arent any local asus service centre in my city and I wont travel at least 3 hours just to get there, so they can fix what they have ruined. This is absolutely not my fault, so why would I spend almost a whole day on them??

Ya i agree with you and they shouldnt have removed the latest update files from their site even though update cycle of rog phone 5 is over.