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Rog Phone 5s Pro

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I am planning to upgrade from Rog II into Rog 5s Pro and i have few questions that i wanted to find online but couldnt.
Does the mobile support VOLTE?
Does the mobile Support eSim card? This is a huge deal in sweden so hopefully it does.

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Yes it does
No it doesn't

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  1. Yes it does
  2. No it doesn't

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Are you sure it supports VOLTE? In what countries?? AFAIK there is still no support in Australia for any carriers..
I was also looking at the 5S pro but the lack of VOLTE and confusion around it is putting me off..

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VoLTE (and VoWiFi) is supported in Australia.
According to a Vodafone AU user, it always worked for that carrier. I can confirm that as of late Nov 2021 firmware update, Telstra/Boost work. I've heard similar feedback from Optus users.

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I do not understand this amalgamation Sweden / Australia, let either a Swedish user of Rog Phone 5 answer (specifying the operator because on the 4 the services can be different) or ASUS which must be able to answer this question.
For the eSim card, a No is not a good answer, no Asus Rog 5 does not have the eSim electronic circuit, but there are 2 possibilities to make a non-eSim device eSim compatible.
One is specific to the operator who deliver devices that are not materially compatible with an eSim package, these devices are blocked with the operator.
The second is easier and compatible with many recent non-eSim original smartphones, you have to order an eSim (in fact an electronic circuit which is inserted in place of the Sim1) and a software, everything is here