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Rog phone 5 not recieved any updates since android 11.

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I have not recieved a single update for any android version on my ROG phone 5, and the phone is still on 11. This is an unrooted phone on stock android


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At least you don't get that Android 13 update. So many of us has bricked Wifi because of that update.

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Lucky you. When I updated to Android 12 YouTube small screen stopped working well. When I updated to Android 13 my screen keeps turning on whenever it should turn off.  At least my WiFi it's still working. I never thought a high-end Asus Phone would be so bad. It's my third problem with them.

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Ahahaha, Like Onyhow said, Android 13 update comes with all kinds of issues. While for now my wifi works. The reason I bought a ROG 5 is for the gaming experience. To be specific, the air triggers. And since the android 13 update, they rarely work anymore. And when they do, it's only for 1 game of Arena Breakout/Pubg if your lucky for them to last during that duration. Then they stop working again. Not good when your streaming live and your gaming tools begin to malfunction. Thinking of downgrading back to Android version 12.

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