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[RoG Phone 5] New update! WW_18.0840.2109.176

Star II
Has anyone tried the latest WW_18.0840.2109.176 update? Is it stable?
I am not fully up for upgrading, since .151 hard bricked my device - had to get motherboard changed at the service centre. For those who had updated .151 and phone worked fine, please share experience of .176 as well.
Ps - After motherboard replace, the device automatically updated to 156. Other than weird proximity sensor triggers, screenlocks, and minor lags, everything seems ok to me.

Rising Star II
I got updated .176 few hours ago n seems the same like .151 so far (mine is not .156)
My issue posted remain the same not solved in updated version. Will update from time to time if there is any new experience. Thanks

Star III
Waiting for feedback on the .176 update

Community Legend I
There is no point in waiting for feedback on Firwmare updates with Google's dictatorship policy, whatever you do your system will be up to date, the only thing possible is to turn off "Automatic system update" in the options developers, but this is misleading, the update will be done anyway, this option will just allow you to answer "later" or "restart now".
Clearly, the choices download, install no longer exist, the firwmare is automatically downloaded and installed on a hidden partition which will be active when the device is restarted.
Due to many memory corruption issues in software and even on low level qualcomm chip drivers, the only safe procedure still possible is as follows.
Automatic system update on deactivated (developers option)
Do not restart the phone when requesting notifications
Physically turn off the smartphone and turn it back on
Désolé pour les captures Francaise mais j'ai la flemme de repasser encore en anglais

Rising Star II
Omg, I updated the firmware..
But so far I notice an improvement: in .176 the screen/apps won't "shake" so much as in .151 when I slide for different apps at bottom of phone. It's more stable now