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ROG Phone 5 Discussion Thread

Community Legend III
Hi Zentalk,
As more and more users get their hands on the brand-new ROG Phone 5, we want to keep the forum section dedicated to technical questions and issues. General discussion threads about the ROG Phone 5 will be removed from now on and you are kindly asked to use this thread if you want to talk about the ROG Phone 5 with other users. If you encounter a bug or technical issue with your device, please create a separate thread.
As always, keep it clean and be respectful to each other. The thread will be moderated accordingly and posts that break our community rules will be removed. If you spot any bad behavior in this thread, or any other thread on Zentalk, please notify me or another moderator on our staff.
GL HF! ❤️

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Community Legend I
it is better to use the bypass charge if the cable does not bother you, in some games the wire has the leg is not great but
this has advantages, the battery will heat up less, only by the conductivity of the phone and not by the charger at all.
When you stop the game it will not have lost its charge, so no need to recharge it in ultra fast mode which is practical but destructive in the medium term, you can use the hyper stable charge more often. in 1 year, I used 2 times the fast charge.
in summary it is better to play in charging bypass, with the battery charged but not immediately after charging, let it cool down before. In short, do not start a game of games right after a charge

Star I
Any news about new firmware that will not clockdown rog5 ?
Cant play genshin impact with stable framerate after new firmware update
Please unlock its full potential since you guys gonna release aero active cooler 6 that compatible with rog 5
Anyone let software team know about this please
Fps drop like 50 to 27 its so annoying

Star II
Hello, my rog 5 is facing problem, the wifi suddenly cannot opened and forced closed when i turned it on, is there solution for this trouble, i read lots of people using rog 5 got same problem, thx before

Zen Master II
Where is august security update for rog 5?
Now you abandon this phone after rog 6 release?

Star II
Same here. Been waiting for ages for the new security update to drop for the ROG 5. Sigh