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ROG Phone 5 Air Trigger Malfunction

Star III

My Air Trigger for ROG Phone 5 is not working again.

Last month if I remember correctly, I upgraded my system software to Android 13, and I just recently found that my air trigger isn't working anymore, and then after a couple of days, you guys (the ASUS Team) deployed an update to us, which the version is 33.0210.0210.229, and bingo, my air triggers are working again. 

And today 15 November 2023, there is a new update version 33.0210.0210.235, and of course, I did that to "Optimized System STaBilitY" which isn't even stable, and guess what? my Air Trigger not functioning again. 

Can you help? or at least I need to roll back the updated version to 33.0210.0210.229.

Thank you


I think the 3 or 4 people here we're on our own -.-

Anyone knows if we can downgrade the firmware to a working one and how this is done with Asus? It's about 10 years I had to do that last time with the Galaxy S2 (yeah, just one number).

Embarrassing... and I will definitely go and don't buy that ROG Ally 😢

It's not 3 or 4 people it's a lot of people. This issue needs to be addressed and fixed by Asus. It has me already looking at getting a new phone from a competitor. The air triggers is one of the reasons I bought this phone. 

Did this resolve ??

@all @I fixed air triggers issue but there's a catch in order to fix this so first disable armory crate app 

Then under settings so to apps and search air triggers by allowing system apps and then clear data and cache of air triggers then restart your phone and check the air triggers work perfectly and the catch is you won't be able to trigger x mode or colour system lighting but you can select long press and short press to enable x mode 


Please try and let me know the fix whether this worked for you

Star II

"escalating the issue" pffffttt...

I'm trying really hard to stay team Asus but they are really making it harder and harder. We drop over 1000 bucks on these phones and this is the crap we get. **bleep**ty software with a company that barely responds to it's worried loyal customers.. thank you for responding to me and letting me know what they said . It was the first bit of information I've gotten since I've started having this problem. So truly thank you and if you hear anything else from them please let me know on here. 

This whole situation has me beyond irritated... 

Happy thanksgiving man