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ROG 5s touch sensitivity issues

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Model Name: ROG phone 5s

Firmware Version: 18.1220.2202.206

Rooted or not: no

Frequency of Occurrence: all the time

At first I didn't realize it but I did notice that my phone had a hard time unlocking using the fingerprint sensor. It was really obvious when I play Marvel Strike Force. I changed touch sensitivity to -2 and lowered all the settings, but it still registers taps when I'm sliding. I thought it was due to the screen protector and took it off, but the same results. I bought a different brand screen protector also the same. I did an SMMI test and it failed all the lines. What can I do now?



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Touch sensitivity issues
If you've applied a screen protector or want to generally boost the phone's touch sensitivity, go to Settings > Advanced and enable Glove mode.
Using the Armory Crate app, you can also make game-specific touch sensitivity changes. For general device settings, go to the Console panel.




I don't want to boost sensitivity. The sensitivity is wrong. When I slide, it instead registers taps, and selects apps/options when it shouldn't. Please refer to the SMMI test attached. It failed the Touch Test. Before I can even draw a line, it turns red right away.

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So, do I take my phone to repair? Change my display? Is this a software problem that can be fixed?

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Community Manager
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